Meet the neighbours

At Arnold’s Place, your human neighbours are out of sight but you might have to share the critter-friendly garden with blue wrens, firetail finches, crimson rosellas, galahs and cockatoos. We encourage bird feeding and seed is provided.

Expect a visit from curious red-necked wallabies, eastern grey kangaroos, brushtail possums, ring tail possums, sugar gliders and the occasional koala.

In the adjacent Lower Glenelg National Park, you will also find emus, echidnas, heath rats, bats, potoroos as well as small colonies of wombats and yellow bellied gliders.

The rare orange bellied parrot has been sighted at nearby Piccaninnie Ponds.

The Glenelg River just 300 metres away is home to many species of waterbirds including graceful black swans, pelicans, countless ducks and moorhens, Nankeen night herons, white faced herons, azure kingfishers, Australian water rats and – so they say – platypus.

But for effortless wildlife watching, try the sundeck at Arnold’s Place, glass in hand.


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